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Core Deposit

MINFILE No 094C 009

The Granite Basin gold prospect is located 7 kilometres northwest of the west end of Aiken Lake, 110 kilometres northwest of Germansen Landing.

The showings consist of broad pyritic bands in Upper Triassic Takla Group (Plughat Mountain Formation) andesitic volcanic rocks and intercalated sedimentary rocks intruded by hypabyssal bodies related to the Late Triassic to Cretaceous Hogem Intrusive Complex. The main Takla lithology is porphyritic andesite with hornblende and feldspar phenocrysts (Geological Survey of Canada Memoir 274, page 217). Beds of tuff, argillite and impure limestone are intercalated with the andesite. The layered rocks are cut by hypabyssal bodies of greenish grey hornblende phyric diorite porphyry which are similar to the andesitic volcanic rocks. These rocks are in turn cut by sill-like grey to buff-coloured feldspar porphyritic diorite with some hornblende phenocrysts. Dikes of feldspar porphyry up to 30 metres in width are the youngest rock type. The feldspar porphyritic diorite is generally heavily pyritized. While the andesite and diorite porphyry are less pyritized, they commonly contain considerable pyrite where they are in contact with the feldspar porphyritic diorite.

Four concordant pyritic zones are present, between 1545 and 1800 metres elevation, on the east end of the precipitous south wall of a cirque. The zones range up to 60 metres in width, and 120 metres in length before disappearing under overburden. The area is moderately weathered and in addition to pyrite and chalcopyrite, bornite and tetrahedrite are possibly present.

Assays reportedly reach up to 11.4 grams per tonne gold over 9 metres (Geological Survey of Canada Memoir 274, page 218). In 1953, the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada completed two adits (113.7 metres), an upper and a lower, to test two of the mineralized zones. In 1963, Medallion Gold Mining Corporation optioned the property and conducted sampling and rehabilitation work on the property. Considerable variation is reported in the gold to silver ratios, possibly depending on the amount of tetrahedrite present, with values ranging from a ratio of 1:3.6 to 1:74 gold to silver.

The no. 1 zone outcrops at an elevation of 1560 metres and consists of a 15-metre-wide feldspar dike with values in the hanging wall and centre of the dike. An assay of the upper adit returned 12.35 grams per tonne gold and 32.93 grams per tonne silver over a 45-metre length and 1.35 metres width (Medallion Gold Mining Corp. Ltd., 1963). In 1963, a sample 3 metres wide from the zone returned 9.46 grams per tonne gold (Property File Rimfire Sirola, 1963). The no. 2 zone outcrops at an elevation of 1620 metres, 360 metres west of the adit. Five chip samples taken across 6.3 metres of the most easterly exposure returned 7.22 grams per tonne gold and 328.3 grams per tonne silver (Property File Rimfire Medallion Gold Mining Corp. Ltd., 1963).

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Price: $50,000 Firm



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